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Community sports hall given the green-light

Kied currit son halley spoyrt y voodeeys

Seyraad dy ve lhiasit er Steat y Vooragh

Ta kied plannal er ve currit son halley spoyrt y voodeeys dy ve lhiasit er thalloo Steat y Vooragh ayns Rhumsaa.

Ta'n shalee er ve currit er-oaie ec possan beg va currit er bun liorish yn eear varrantagh Richard Radcliffe, as t'ad er n'obbraghey rish y voodeeys 'syn ynnyd dy chur argid son y ventyr.

By vie lesh y phossan dy vel y halley goll er ymmydey son caghlaaghyn taghyrt, as dy enmyssey y boayl son cloieder schleoil bluckan coshey son Rhumsaa, Jan McElory ta marroo nish.

Ta Mnr Radcliffe gra dy vel treisht ersyn dy voddagh plannyn goll er-oaie as goaill ayrn ayns shareaghey slaynt y theay.

AS MNR RADCLIFFE : Ta chingys theayagh dy rouyrid, cha nee ayns shoh ynrican, agh trooid magh yn Oarpey, as mannagh vel shin cur ny seyraadyn da sleih, ayndaue dy yannoo lheiltys, cha jig eh agh dy ve ny smessey, as bee coontys feer vooar ain son yn chirveish claynt.

AS JAMES DAVIES : Shoh cur er y hoshiaght slaynt as foays wheesh as shen . . . 

AS MNR RADCLIFFE : Shen slane freggyrtagh da ny buill shoh. Strateysh Tinvaal er Spoyrt as Soccar, she, ta shin freggyrtagh da shen, agh ta shin cur tick neesht 'sy chishtey s'jerree 'sy strateysh 2002-12, dy lhisagh hallaghyn spoyrt ec costys injil ve ayns cagh jeh ny kiare ardyn. 


Community sports hall given the green-light

Facility to be developed on Mooragh Estate

Planning consent has been granted for a community sports hall to be developed on land at the Mooragh Estate in Ramsey.

The project was pushed forward by a small group started by former commissioner Richard Radcliffe, who've worked with the local community to fund the venture.

The group want the hall to be used for a variety of events and to name the venue after talented Ramsey footballer, the late Jan McElory.

Mr Radcliffe says he's hopeful the plans can progress and play a part in improving public health:

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