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Concerns raised over development plan

Boiraghyn soilshit bentyn da plan-lhiasee

Y peiagh-toshee jeh polasee plannal y reiltys, v'ee er ny feyshtey dy jeean ec sleih ass y theay, ec çhaglym yn Phossan Jantys Jarrooagh oie Jelune.

Va toshiaght currit er y gherrid da lhiasaghey plan ard yn niar, as Diane Brown ny peiagh-toshee jeh polasee plannal. T'ee gra dy jeean nagh vel red erbee reaghit son shickyrys foast.

Chammah as shen, dooyrt ee rish y lught-eaishtagh jeh tree feed as jeih dy leih, dy vel y cho-choyrle t'ayn nish goll er sheeyney magh ny smoo na mee. Va olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed as jeh lughtyn-reill ynnydagh kionfenish.

Nish, she queig er y chlag syn astyr, Jeheiney, yn wheiggoo laa as feed Mee Boaldyn, y traa jerrinagh son treealtyssyn.

Ny shlee na daa cheead as feed ynnyd mygeayrt baljyn as baljyn beggey, t'ad er nyn gowraghey son lhiasaghey oddagh taghyrt, reir y dreaght jeh'n phlan.

Barrantagh son Skeerey Marooney, Alison Lynch, v'ee meechredjuagh mychione gialdinyn dy beagh boiraghyn chummaltee eaishtit rish.

Concerns raised over development plan

The government's head of planning policy was grilled by members of the public at the Positive Action Group's meeting on Monday night.

The Area Plan for the East is in its earliest phase of development, with Head of Planning Policy Diane Brown keen to stress absolutely nothing has been decided yet.

She also told the 70 strong audience, which included MHKs and local authority members, that the current consultation is being extended by more than a month.

The new deadline for submissions is 5pm on Friday 26 May.

More than 220 sites around existing towns and villages are earmarked for potential development on the draft plan.

Marown Commissioner Alison Lynch was sceptical about promises the concerns of residents would be listened to.

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