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Constabulary is 'not for sale'

Cha nel poleeney 'ry-chreck'

Ta'n Shirveishagh Cooishyn Sthie er vendeil slattys noa oddagh lowal da currymyn-poleeney dy ve goit ayns laue ec colughtyn preevadjagh  fo choonrey.

Ta Juan Kodhere credjal dy derragh y billey meoiryn-shee (lhiasaghey) smoo traa da offishearyn dy yannoo tooilley obbyr-hoshee, liorish lowal da coonreyderyn kiartaghyn coorsagh y yannoo.

T'eh er woalley er-ash noi cremmey veih John Houghton, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Doolish Hwoaie, ren gra dy lowagh yn billey da shirveishyn bunneydagh dy ve goll er stiurey ec 'preevadjeyryn'.

Ta Mnr Kodhere gra dy lajer nagh vel poleeney 'ry-chreck'.

Constabulary is 'not for sale'

The Home Affiars Minister has defended new legislation which could see police responsibilities contracted to private firms.

Juan Watterson believes the police amendment bill will free up the time of front-line officers, by allowing contractors to perform routine jobs.

He's hit back at criticisms levelled by North Douglas MHK John Houghton who claimed the bill would allow 'core' services to be 'run by privateers'.

Mr Watterson insists the Constabulary is 'not for sale'.

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