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Coolest September in 30 years

Y Mean Fouyir smoo feayr ayns jeih bleeaney as feed

Earrooyn ass yn Oik Emshiraght, t'ad soilshaghey dy re Mean Fouyir er-lheh fliugh v'ayn.

Ooilley cooidjagh, huitt 107.33 millimeadar dy 'liaghey sy vee - shen tree as daeed sy cheead ny shlee na dy cliaghtagh.

Chammah as shen, va shen y trass vee ny-yei y cheilley dy row yn termpreilys fo'n tempreilys meanagh, as ny Vean Fouyir smoo feayr neayr's nuy cheead jeig, kiare feed as shiaght ec 13.4 keim Celsius.

Va keead, tree-jeig as feed oor dy hoilshean greiney ayns y vee.

Coolest September in 30 years

Figures from the Met Office  show it was a particularly wet September.

The total rainfall for the month stood at 107.33 millimetres - that's 43 per cent more than normal.

It was also the third consecutive month where the temperature was below average and the coolest September since 1987 at 13.4 degrees Celsius.

There were 133 hours of sunshine during the month.

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