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Covid-19 testing scientist hits out at government

Skeeandagh prowal Covid-19 cremmey reiltys

Coyrle yn Fer Lhee Glover gyn goll er hirrey er tuarastyl prowal

Ta'n skeeandagh leeideilagh ayns seyrlann prowal Covid-19 yn Ellan gra dy row mee-arrym currit jee liorish yn ard shirveishagh ayns chaglym ny meanyn Jeheiney, 23 Jerrey Fouyir.

Ayns straih dy hweetyn, ta'n Fer Lhee Rachel Glover er hoilshaghey magh nagh vel ee er ve er ny shirrey dy chur stiagh ayns docamad mychione y chorys prowal va goll er aarlaghey son coonceil ny shirveishee.

Ayns un tweet screeu ee, "Ta mee my hoie ayns ard neu-chleeir er yn oyr dy vel mee chammah failleydagh yn Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay AS stiureyder jeh colught preevaadjagh. T'ad feme ny schleiyn aym agh fakin nagh vel coraa aym sthie ta mee gymmydey twitter dy hoilshaghey magh my varel, as cha mie lhieu eh."

Shoh ny dooyrt Howard Quayle tra v'eh brieit jeh cre'n oyr nagh row yn Fer Lhee Glover goaill ayrn ayns jannoo y tuarastyl:

AS HOWARD QUAYLE : Ta shin geaishtagh rish dy chooilley choyrle, s'baghtal eh, agh ta shin geaishtagh rish nyn vir lhee hene, as er-lhiam dy vel  Stiureyder Slaynt y Theay ain as ard qualleeaghtyn eck, as ish ny shassoo da'n cheu chiare j'eem ayns shoh, as ooilley ny fir lhee ta gobbraghey da'n Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay. Nee mayd eaishtagh rish y choyrle ocsyn, as my vees y coyrle ocsyn cosoyley rish coyrle veih cheumooie, eisht son shickyrys shen red ennagh nee mayd cur geill da. 

Dr Glover not consulted on testing report

The leading scientist at the Island's Covid-19 testing lab says she was "dissed" by the chief minister at the media conference on Friday 23 October.

In a series of tweets, Dr Rachel Glover has revealed she has not been asked to contribute to a document on the testing regime being prepared for the council of ministers.

In one tweet she wrote, "I sit in a grey area as I'm both a Department of Health and Social Care employee AND a private company director. They need my skills but given I have no voice internally I use twitter to voice my opinion, which is disliked."

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