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DED re-brand 'not radical enough'

Cha nel aa-vrandal y Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh fraueagh dy liooar'

Treealtyssyn dy aa-vrandal y Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh, cha nel ad fraueagh dy liooar - shen coardail rish eaghtyrane yn cho-heshaght jeh kiareyderyn shirveish co-chorpagh.

Ta Mark Denton gra dy re 'moal' y tuarastyl va jeant ec ard-reireyderyn y Rheynn, agh er y chooid sloo ta ny treealtyssyn soilshagh yn raad kiart, as eshyn.

Plannyn son aa-cummey as caghlaa ennym y Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh gys 'Yn Rheynn Ventyrys', t'ad goll roish Tinvaal son coardailys ayns Jerrey Fouyir.

Ta Mnr Denton gra dy vel obbyr-phabyrey neu-ymmyrçhagh cur er yn chaghlaa goll ny s'melley.

DED re-brand 'not radical enough'

Proposals to re-brand the Department of Economic Development aren't radical enough - according to the president of the Association of Corporate Service Providers.

Mark Denton says the report compiled by senior management at the DED is 'disappointing', but the proposals at least provide a road map to the right direction.

Plans for the restructure and re-naming of the DED to the 'Department of Enterprise' go before the Tynwald court for approval in October.

Mr Denton says unnecessary bureaucracy is slowing up the process.

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