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Environment Minister has ignored planning truths says MHK

Ta'n Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght er lhiggey harrish firrinys mychione plannal, ta OCF dy ghra

Cooishyn rish cur bree

Ta'n Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght er 'volley' sleih liorish lhiggey harrish brishaghyn plannal firrinagh.

Shen woish Oltey yn Chiare as Feed ass-lieh Rhumsaa Lawrie Hooper.

Shoh lurg da Bing Tinvaal Aa-scrutaghey Polasee er y Chymmyltaght as Bun-Troggalys ve currit er bun - shirrey keeayl chionnit ec sleih jeh'n choarys plannal.

Ta Mnr Hooper er chur roish kuse dy feyshtyn er y chooish ayns ny meeaghyn jeianagh as t'eh gra dy vel cooishyn er-lheh bentyn rish cur bree:

AS LAWRIE HOOPER : Ta'n Shirveishagh er chur enn dy kiart dy vel kuse dy chooishyn as ta sleih smooinaghtyn dy ve nyn mrishaghyn plannal, agh dy feer cha nel ad nyn mrishaghyn plannal, as cha lhisagh yn eiyrtys jeusyn shen ve jannoo dy chur bree.

Agh ta'n Shirveishagh, glick dy liooar, molley shiu ayns shen liorish lhiggey harrish ny cooishyn shen ta dy feer ayns rieughid nyn mrishaghyn plannal nagh vel yn Rheynn echey cur bree da er coontey y polasee noa obbree er cur bree er plannal.

As va shen fer jeh ny broddyn, dy feer, son screeu rish y Ving hoshiaght.


Ta caa da sleih derrey Jeheiney 15 Toshiaght Arree dy chur stiagh post-l lesh nyn marel gys y ving.


Issues with enforcement 

The Environment Minister has 'hoodwinked' people by ignoring genuine planning breaches.

That's from Ramsey MHK Lawrie Hooper.

It's after the creation of a Tynwald Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee - seeking people's experiences of the planning system.

Mr Hooper has tabled several questions on the topic in recent months and says there are particular issues with enforcement:

People have until Friday 15 February to email a submission to the committee.

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