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Department of Infrastructure considering 'non-standard' warning sign for horse trams

Rheynn Bun-Troggalys sur-smooinaghtyn er cowrey raauee 'neu-chadjin' son trammyn cabbil

Un drogh-haghyrt recortit er raillaghyn neayr's toshiaght 2022

Foddee cowraghyn raauee ve currit er bun dy hayrn geill keayrtee as cummaltee dy vel raillaghyn tram cabbil er Shooylaghan Doolish.

Ta'n Rheynn Bun-Troggalys gra dy vel eh sur-smooinaghtyn er cowraghyn 'neu-chadjin' dy chooney lesh ymmydeyryn raaidey dy chur geill da gaueyn.

Ta un drogh-haghyrt, bentyn da ny raillaghyn, er ve recortit ec ny meoiryn shee neayr's toshiaght ny bleeaney.

Va'n chooish currit roish ayns yn Chiare as Feed Jemayrt 28 Mean Souree liorish Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Doolish Yiass Sarah Maltby.

She oltey politickagh yn Rheynn Bun-Troggalys ta Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Carbory, Balleychashtal as Malew Tim Glover - t'eh gra oddys tooilley ve jeant.

AS TIM GLOVER : Dy vel ny raillaghyn tram ayn, ta ard soilshey er ve jeerit er shen liorish ymmyd jeh corridor jiarg ny trammyn, as roish shen cha row veg dy hoilshaghey magh corridor shen ny trammyn. Agh ta, ta Raaidyn Mooarey sur-smooinaghtyn er cowrey 'neu-chadjin' neesht dy chooney lesh chammah's ynnydee as keayrtee. 


One accident recorded on tracks since start of 2022

Warning signs to alert visitors and residents of the presence of horse tram tracks on Douglas Promenade could be introduced.

The Department of Infrastructure says it’s considering ‘non-standard’ signage to assist road users of hazard awareness.

One accident, concerning the tracks, has been recorded by police since the start of the year.

The issue was raised in the House of Keys on Tuesday 28 June by Douglas South Member of the House of Keys Sarah Maltby. 

Member of the House of Keys for Arbory, Castletown and Malew Tim Glover is a political member of the Department of Infrastructure – he says more could be done:

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