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Department of Infrastructure plans for Castletown bus stops refused

Plannyn y Rheynn Bun-Troggalys son staddyn barroose ayns Balleychashtal jiooldit

Bing phlannal gobbal yeearree

Ta yeearree liorish y Rheynn Bun-Troggalys dy chaghlaa staddyn barroose er y Pharaid ayns Balleychashtal er ve jiooldit ec y ving phlannal.

Va ny obbraghyn treealit dy lhiggey da barrooseyn cheet stiagh 'dy bollagh' ec cheu y chribban ec y stad gys Doolish, liorish skeaylley magh y cassan veih'n chribban t'ayn nish.

Er y cheu hoal jeh, va'n Rheynn Bun-Troggalys er phlannal dy chur y stad barroose ayns boayl elley dy lhiggey da'n theay goll er boayrd arraghey dy jeeragh veih'n pheamad. 

Agh ta Barrantee Balleychashtal er loayrt dy lajer noi y treealtys, as t'ad geearree y stad gys Doolish dy ve currit ayns boayl elley ayns Raad Farrant.

Ny yei dy ren yn oaseir plannal coyrlaghey coardail rish y yeearree, Jelune 29 Mee Averil ren y ving phlannal reaghey dy dy yiooldey. 

Ren caairlagh y ving, Tim Baker OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed], ta oltey y rheynn neesht, faagail y chamyr choud's va'n reaghys jeant.

Planning committee turns down request 

An application by the Department of Infrastructure to alter bus stops at the Parade in Castletown has been turned down by the planning committee.

The works were proposed to allow buses to pull 'fully' into the kerbside next to the Douglas-bound stop, by building out the footpath from the existing kerb.

On the opposite side, the DoI had planned to relocate the bus shelter to allow the public to get on transport directly from the pavement.

However, Castletown Commissioners had voiced strong objections to the proposal, and want the Douglas-bound stop to be relocated to Farrant's Way.

Despite the planning officer's report recommending the application be approved, on Monday 29 April the planning committee decided to reject it.

Committee chairman, Tim Baker MHK, who's also a member of the department, left the room whilst the decision was made.

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