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Digital pirates set sights on TT

Roosteyryn bun-earrooagh cruinnaghey stiagh er y TT

Ta roosteyryn-eggey cruinnaghey stiagh er y TT - lesh thousaneyn dy yee-laadaghyn dy choipyn anleighalagh jeh jallooyn çhellveeish.

Nane jeh ny h-ynnydyn-roosteyrys bun-earrooagh smoo, ta gagh episoyd jeh ny filmyn TT jeant ec ITV echey choud as shoh. Yn ynnyd-roosteyrys shoh, recort eh ennym-domain Manninagh Mee Averil shoh chaie, roish my row eh scughit veih'n recortys.

Ta ny shlee na shiaght cheead dy lieh dy leih rheynn ny coadanyn orroo. Ta ny coadanayn er nyn yee-laadey thousaneyn dy cheayrtyn.

Ayns yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, foddee oo jeeaghyn dy leighoil er claareyn ITV er yn ynnyd cosney-erash echey.

Digital pirates set sights on TT

Web pirates are targeting the TT - with thousands of downloads of illegal copies of television footage.

One of the largest digital piracy sites, which registered an Isle of Man domain name last April before being booted off the registry, has every episode of this year's ITV coverage so far.

More than 750 people are sharing the files, which have been downloaded thousands of times.

In the UK, you can watch ITV's programmes on its catchup site legally.

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