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Dogs illegally destroyed in sheep worrying case

Moddee marrit dy meelowal ayns cooish jeh moddee boirey er kirree

Ta daa eirinagh Manninagh er ve grait dy ve kyndagh jeh marroo daa voddey dy meelowal.

Jeffrey Fargher ass Balley Sallagh, ta un vlein jeig as feed dy eash, as Daniel Creer ass Colby, ta nuy bleeaney as feed, ta'n jees oc er nyn seyrey son daa vlein fo chonaant, son stroie shelloo.

V'eh feddynit nagh row leshtal leighoil erbee oc son cur co-chialg er bun dy hottal ny moddee, fo beeal gunn, lurg daue v'er n'eddyn ram sthock marroo.

Roish shen, va daa skeeal currit magh dy row ny moddee cheddin boirey er kirree, va lesh yn lught-thie Creer.

Tra ren Creer roshtyn gys yn sthock marroo yn trass laa jeig Mee Averil mleeaney, dyll eh er ny moddee loghtagh dy heet huggey, as chiangle eh ad gys sleayd, cooyl e charbyd.

Ren eh goll thie, as hug eh fys er Mnr Fargher dy chooney lesh 'dy gheddyn rey rish' 'Scooby-Doo', Crosh Thalloo yn Eeast, va kiare bleeaney dy eash, as 'Caesar Sam',  Weimaraner, va kiare mee dy eash.

Cheayll y whaiyl dy row ad foast kianlt tra hie ad er marroo queig minnid as daeed ny lurg shen.

Tra haink ad rish, dooyrt meoiryn-shee dy row Creer 'seaghnit' - v'eh er hurranse coayl hoght oashtyn, un eayn as daeed v'er ve bio, as un eayn jeig tilgit.

Dooyrt turneyr yn endeilys son yn jees, Creer as Fargher, dy chreid ad dy re lowalagh ny va jeant oc, as dy row ad coadit fo ayrn hoght-jeig jeh slattys ny moddee.

Dooyrt y Lhiass-Ard-Vaylee, Jane Hughes, dy re far-hoiggal jeh'n leigh va shen, ga "t'eh creidit er y chooid smoo ec lught ny eirinee", er yn oyr nagh row gaue çhelleeragh ayn - va ny moddee "kianlt" as "kiune".

Dooyrt ee ny sodjey, mannagh row eh er daghyrt, s'cosoylagh dy beagh sarey-stroie v'er ny chur da'n çhellooder, kyndagh rish yn immeeaght.
Hooar Creer as Fargher oardagh dy eeck thousane punt y pheesh son costyssyn-shual.

Dogs illegally destroyed in sheep worrying case

Two Manx farmers have been found guilty of illegally destroying two dogs.

Thirty-one year-old Jeffrey Fargher from Ballasalla and 29 year-old Colby man Daniel Creer have each been given two-year conditional discharge for destroying property.

They were found to have had no lawful excuse for conspiring to shoot them at point-blank range after discovering a significant number of dead livestock.

Two incidents had previously been reported of the same dogs worrying sheep belonging to the Creer family.

When Mr Creer arrived at the scene on 13 April this year, he called the offending animals to him and tied them to a trailer at the rear of his vehicle.

He returned home and called Mr Fargher for assistance in "dispatching" four-year old Newfoundland Cross 'Scooby-Doo' and four-month-old Weimaraner - 'Caesar Sam'.

The court heard they were still restrained when they were killed 45-minutes later.

On arrival at the scene, police described Creer's demeanor as 'distressed' - he'd suffered the loss of eight ewes, 41 live lambs and 11 aborted lambs.

Defence council for both Creer and Fargher said they believed their actions were justifiable, and they were protected under Section 18 of the Dogs Act.

Deputy High Bailiff Jane Hughes said this was a misguided misapprehension of the law, though "generally believed by the farming community", as there was no immediate danger present because the dogs were "tied up" and "calm".

She added that if it hadn't have happened, the owner of the dogs would likely have been handed a destruction order as a result of the incident.

Creer and Fargher were ordered to pay £1,000 in prosecution costs each.

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