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Don't gloat over Jersey's woes warns Chief Minister

Ny gow-shiu soylley jeh treihys Yersey, ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh cur raaue

Cha vod Mannin fordrail soylley y ghoaill jeh towl doo argidoil Yersey.

Shen çhyrrys yn Ard-Shirveishagh, ny lurg da art sy phabyr-naight Guardian v'er ghra dy bee Jersey ayns stayd argidoil feer olk.

Y skeeal tree duillagyn, lesh yn ard-linney 'Er ny creggyn, lhieggey Yersey,' dooyrt eh dy row yn Ellan Vooir Eeaght cur eddin rish towl doo jeh keead, queig as daeed millioon punt ayns e çheet-stiagh.

Ta Allan Bell gra, foddee dy jir paart dy leih dy vel ellan ennagh lane gollrish ellan elley.

Don't gloat over Jersey's woes warns Chief Minister

The Isle of Man can't afford to gloat about Jersey's financial black hole.

That's the message from the Manx Chief Minister after a Guardian newspaper article cast gloom on Jersey's financial prospects.

The three page report, entitled 'On the rocks, the fall of Jersey,' said the Channel Island was facing a £145 million black hole in its income.

Allan Bell says some may equate one island with another.

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