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Douglas Council announces 1.6% rate rise

Coonceil Ghoolish fograghey magh bishaghey keesh ynnydagh 1.6%

T'ee er ny soie ec 451 ping 'sy phunt

T'eh reaghit dy jean keeshyn ynnydagh ayns Doolish yrjaghey liorish 1.6%  Mee Averil.

Ren Coonceil Ghoolish fograghey magh y bishaghey ayns chaglym Jerdein (28 Jerrey Geuree), lesh y rate soit ec 451 ping 'sy phunt, neese veih 444  'sy phunt.

Ta'n cheesh goll er soie ec lughtyn-reill ynnydoil dy eeck son shirveishyn ynnydoil, as t'ee goll er ooley croghey er leagh shenndeeagh y vaail jeh troggal.   


It's set at 451 pence in the pound.

Rates in Douglas are set to go up by 1.6% in April.

Douglas Council announced the rise at a meeting on Thursday (28 January), with the rate set at 451 pence in the pound, up from 444 pence in the pound.

The tax is set by local authorities to pay for local services, and is calculated based on the historic rental value of a property.

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