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Douglas water park plans make a splash

Skeoll jeant ec plan-ushtey ayns Pairk ayns Doolish

Faaue-souree son y balley jeant ec coonseilagh Ghoolish, t'eh er ghreinnaghey ram imraaghyn.

Hie Claire Wells gys meanyn sheshoil oie Jelune, dy howse pohlldal son ard-cloie-ushtey ayns Pairk Noble.

Y seyraad, kiarit dy noddagh paitçhyn goaill soylley jeh ayns ny meeghyn smoo grianagh, t'eh goll er smooinaghtyn mychione reesht ec y lught-reill ynnydagh. V'eh currit ry-lhiattee roish shoh, kyndagh rish costys.

Shimmey peiagh-pohlldal, hoilshee ad y foays jeh seyraad cosoylagh ayns Pairk y Vooiragh ayns Rhumsaa. Shimmey peiagh ta goll er tayrn gys Pairk y Vooiragh kyndagh rish shen ec mullagh y touree.

Hayrn post Vs Wells foddey ny shlee na thousane 'S'mie lhiam' chammah as keeadyn dy h-imraaghyn er yn oie. Va tromlagh mooar dy bollagh ayns foayr jeh plannyn y Choonseil.

Douglas water park plans make a splash

A Douglas councillor's summery suggestion for the town has prompted a wave of feedback on line.

Claire Wells took to social media on Monday night to gauge support for a water play area in Noble's Park.

The facility, designed for children to enjoy during the sunnier months, is being considered again by the authority - having been overlooked in previous years due to cost.

Many proponents pointed out the merits of a similar installation in Mooragh Park, Ramsey, which attracts many visitors during the peak season.

Ms Wells' post attracted well over a thousand 'likes' and hundreds of comments overnight, with the overwhelming majority firmly in favour of the Council's plans.

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