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Dray and pair celebrate success on TT Course!

Drug as piyr jannoo ardeailley jeh speeideilys er Coorse yn TT!

Reir fir-reaghee, she speeideilagh va turrys kiare laa mygeayrt  coorse yn TT lesh drug as piyr.

Y piyr dy chabbil marish arryltee veih Gimman-Carriads son Anlheiltee Vannin, v'ad cur er e toshiaght obbyr yn çheshaght-yiastyllagh.

Varkee yn Lhiass-Chiannoort Adam Wood son yn ayrn s'jerree jeh'n turrys gys y kione jerree ec yn Ardane-Soie ec feed minnid lurg queig fastyr Jedoonee.

Yn arryltagh Janet Thommeny, dooyrt ee nagh voddagh yn immeeaght er ve ny share.

Dray and pair celebrate success on TT Course!

A four-day excursion around the TT course with the dray and pair was a success according to organisers.

The pair of horses along with volunteers from the Manx Carriage Driving 4 Disabled were promoting the work of the charity.

LIeutenant Governor Adam Wood rode along the final stretch of the trip to the finish line at the Grandstand at 5.20pm on Sunday.

Volunteer Janet Thommeny says it couldn't have gone any better.

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