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Drug dealer to be sentenced in August

Delleyder-druggey dy ve deyrit ayns Mee Luanistyn

Fer ass Purt ny h-Inshey, ren cur lesh cocain va feeu faggys da shey thousane punt gys yn Ellan, cha bee eh deyrit nish gys Mee Luanistyn.

Y chooish jeh Matthew David Joseph Prendergast ass Straid y Chashtal, v'ee er ny recortyssey ayns Thie Quaiyllagh Ghoolish Jelune, agh nish hed eh er deyrey yn hoghtoo laa jeig Mee Luanistyn, lurg da'n chooish v'er ny cur ry-lhiattee, son tuarastyl brialtys sheshoil. Ta Prendergast nuy bleeaney as feed dy eash.

T'eh goaill rish dy ren eh yn druggey, as dy row eh echey cour eh y ghellal.

Va ny shlee na kiare feed gram dy chocain er ny ghoaill voish Prendergast, tra v'eh goit seose ec Purt-Aer Roonysvaie, yn hoghtoo laa Mee Averil.

Drug dealer to be sentenced in August

A Peel man who brought almost £6,000 worth of cocaine to the Island will not now be sentenced until August.

The case of 29 year-old Matthew David Joseph Prendergast of Castle Street was listed in Douglas courthouse on Monday but now he will instead be sentenced on August 18th after the matter was adjourned for a social inquiry report.

He admits production of the drug and possession with intent to supply.

More than 80 grams of cocaine was recovered from Prendergast when he was arrested at Ronaldsway Airport on April 9.

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