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Education minister won't resign over teachers' pay dispute

Cha jean shirveishagh ynsee irree ass er coontey argane mychione faill ny fir ynsee

Cregeen doolaneagh ny yei vote ny sheshaghtyn keirdey gyn barrant oc er

Ta'n shirveishagh ynsee gra nagh jean eh irree ass er coontey argane y rheynn echey er faill rish fir ynsee yn Ellan.

Ren chaglym as va olteynyn three sheshaghtyn keirdey kionefenish fastyr beg Jemayrt (28 Jerrey Geuree) fakin voteyn lesh un aigney nagh row barrant oc er Graham Cregeen, as tooilley eamyn reesht son yn ard shirveishagh dy chur laue rish ny barganaghyn.

Va ny sheshaghtyn keirdey jannoo aarloo neesht dy ghoaill toshiaght er jantys jeadyssagh agh gyn stholkey, lesh Sheshaght Ashoonagh ny Hard Fir Ynsee as Sheshaght ny Leeideilee Scoill as Colleish goaill toshiaght Jerdein (30 Jerrey Geuree) as Sheshaght Ashoonagh ny Mainshtyryn Scoill, Sheshaght Cheirdey ny Mraane Ynsee aarloo dy yannoo yn red cheddin dy gerrid.

Ren Tim Glover briaght jeh Mnr Cregeen ren eh smooinaghtyn mychione irree ass:

AS GRAHAM CREGEEN : Cha ren, er yn oyr dy vel shin . . .

AS TIM GLOVER : Agh t'eh jeeaghyn nagh vel veg cheet lhiu. Veagh eh ny share son politickeyr elley dy ghoaill ayns laue ny barganaghyn shoh?

AS GRAHAM CREGEEN : Cha nel politickeyryn barganey er faill: son oaseiryn eh dy varganey er faill. She oaseiryn ta barganey er faill, cha nee ny politickeyryn. Myr shoh, ny t'er ve jeant ain, ta shin er n'yannoo shickyr dy vel y dorrys ain dy kinjagh ny lhie foshlit. 


Cregeen defiant despite unions' no confidence vote

The education minister says he will not be stepping down over his department's pay dispute with the Island's teachers.

A meeting attended by members of three teaching unions on Tuesday evening (28 January) saw unanimous votes of no confidence in Graham Cregeen, and yet more calls for the chief minister to get involved with the negotiations.

The unions were also preparing to commence industrial action short of a strike, with the National Association of Head Teachers  and the Association of School and College Leaders starting Thursday (30 January) and the NASUWT set to follow suit soon.

Tim Glover asked Mr Cregeen if he'd thought of resigning:

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