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Efforts to improve 'shabby' capital

Eabbaghyn dy haraghey preeu-valley 'sollagh'

Leeideilagh Choonseil Ghoolish, t'eh gra dy vel feme er eab jeean dy hickyraghey dy vel barel foayroil jeh'n phreeu-valley ec sleih ta cur shilley er yn Ellan.

Ta David y Christeen er loayrt magh marish sleih elley sy resoonaght mychione yn aght ta Doolish jeeaghyn - lurg da keayrtee TT faagail yn Ellan v'er ghra dy row Doolish neuvioyr as sollagh.

Ta Coonseil Ghoolish er vaarail daa villioon punt dy yannoo ardjyn jeh'n valley ass y noa, goaill stiagh Straid Ghennie as y Keiy Twoaie.

Agh ta'n Coonseilagh y Christeen gra dy vel foast  rouyr ynnydyn ayn ta follym as lane dy harkyllyn, chammah as raaidyn lesh ram tuill as troggalyn nagh vel cummit seose.

T'eh gra dy re bun-troggalys ta fioghey nane jeh ny reddyn smessey.

Efforts to improve 'shabby' capital

The leader of Douglas Council says a concerted effort is needed to ensure visitors to the Island have a good impression of the capital.

David Christian has added his voice to the debate over the look of Douglas - after departing TT visitors described it as run-down and shabby.

Douglas Counci has spent £2 million upgrading parts of the town, including Strand Street and North Quay.

But Councillor Christian says there are still too many empty, weed-strewn sites, pot-holed roads and building faaling into disrepair.

He says decaying infrastructure is one of the main problems.

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