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Election policy change under scrutiny

Ta caghlaa ayns polasee reihys fo scrutaght

Cha nel caghlaa ayns polasee reihys er ve fondagh, ta Captan Skeerey er ghra rish fir-oik reiltys.

Peter Kelly ass Skeerey Connaghyn, v'eh loayrt myr va toshiaght currit da scrutaght jeh stiurey as reaghey yn ard-reihys ayns Mean Fouyir.

She eshyn va'n chied pheiagh hug feanish da bing noa-phointit.Ga dy yeeagh ny meanyn ro laue er çhaglymyn mygeayrt yn Ellan, ta Mnr Kelly gra dy ren failleil reiltys dy hoilsheeney çhaglymyn-femoilys gaghtey dy jiooldagh.

Election policy change under scrutiny

A change in election policy hasn't worked a Captain of the Parish has told government officials.

Peter Kelly of Onchan was speaking as a review started into the operation and organisation of September's General Election.He was the first to give evidence to a newly appointed committee.

Although the media previewed gatherings around the island, Mr Kelly says a failure of government to advertise requisition meetings via newspaper public notices had a detrimental effect.

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