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Electric car charging points won't be free for much longer

Cha bee gib cour cur trimmid ayns carryn lectragh nastee rish monney traa ry heet

Bee er yn theay eh, eeck dy chur trimmid ayns nyn garryn

Bee eh orroosyn ta gimman carryn lectragh dy leah eeck dy chur trimmid ayndaue.

She'n Fer Lhee Alex Allinson ta Caairlagh Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin, ta kiarail ec y traa t'ayn 28 gib cour cur trimmid ayn ayns 14 buill er-lheh 'syn Ellan.

Ec y traa t'ayn, ta ny gib nastee son dy chooilley pheiagh dy yannoo ymmyd jeu agh cha nee rish monney traa ry heet, lesh plannyn dy ghoaill toshiaght er shirrey costys er sleih choud's ta jerrey ny bleeaney shoh cheet faare.

AS ALEX ALLINSON : Ta ny gib cour cur trimmid ayn ta shinyn kiarail nastee ec y traa t'ayn. As va shoh dy feer dy chur aa-hickyrys da sleih va geearree baih ayns carryn lectragh as dy chur eab er bishaghey yn ymmyd jeh carryn lectragh. Agh bee shen cheet gy jerrey choud's ta jerrey ny bleeaney cheet faare. Ta shin kiarail tailley feer vie son cur trimmid ayn 'sy thie, as foddee'n chooid smoo dy leih goaill vondeish jeh shen. Agh yn sleih shen as cha nel entreilys oc da pairkal ass-raad, ta feme ain jannoo shickyr dy vel gib cour cur trimmid ayn goll er kiarail son nyn ymmyd, as son keayrtee neesht. 


Public will have to pay to charge their cars

Those who drive electric cars will soon have to pay to charge them.

Dr Alex Allinson is Chairman of Manx Utilities, which currently provides 28 charging points in 14 different locations on the Island.

At the moment, the points are free for all to use but not for much longer, with plans to start charging people towards the end of this year.

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