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End of contracting out 'a trade-off'

Jerrey jannoo coonrey mooie, shen 'dellal'

Ta'n Shirveishagh Tashtee gra, thousaneyn dy h-obbreeyn theayagh ayns yn Ellan ta cur eddin rish geeck ny smoo son urrysaght ashoonagh, bee ad cooilleenit lesh penshyn-steat vees ny smoo.

Ta Alf Cannan er lunney treealtyssyn dy chur jerrey da'n skeim ta lowal da failleyderyn as y skimmee oc geeck raaytyn leodit son urrysaght ashoonagh er yn oyr dy vel ad ayns skeimyn-penshyn keirdey.

Ta shoh bentyn da'n cherroo theayagh as da colughtyn preevaadjagh.

Ayns feed cheead as nuy-jeig, tra vees bree currit da penshyn-steat Manninagh noa lesh un leval ny lomarcan, cha bee oyr erbee ayn dy yannoo coonrey mooie - shen ny ta'n reiltys gra.

Adsyn as nyn stayd argidoil caghlaait liorish shoh, oddagh ad cur eddin rish geeck 1.6 sy cheead ny smoo son urrysaght ashoonagh.

Ta Mnr Cannan greinnaghey ad dy yeeaghyn er yn chaghlaa myr dellal son penshyn share sy traa ry-heet.

End of contracting out 'a trade-off'

The Treasury minister says that thousands of public workers in the Island who face paying more for national insurance will be rewarded by increased state pensions.

Alf Cannan has launched proposals to end the scheme which allows employers and their staff to pay reduced rates for national insurance because they are in occupational pension schemes.

This affects the public sector and private firms.

The government says that in 2019, when the one-tier Manx state pension scheme comes into effect, there will be no reason to contract out.

Those affected by this could face 1.6% more for national insurance.

Mr Cannan is urging them to see that as a 'trade-off' for an increased pension later.

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