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Extra workers won't help economy says minister

Cha jean tooilley obbreeyn cooney lesh y tarmaynys, ta shirveishagh gra

Phil Gawne, Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys , t'eh gra nagh jean queig thousane jeig obbreeyn ny shlee cooney lesh y tarmaynys.

V'eh freggyrt rish imraaghyn dy vel yn Ellan cur eddin rish corvaal tarmaynagh mannagh vees tooilley sleih cummal ayns shoh.

Ta Mnr Gawne credjal dy re troaraght syrjey yn feaysley.

T'eh gra dy derragh thousaneyn dy h-obbreeyn elley er cooishyn dy ve ny s'messey.

Extra workers won't help economy says minister

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne says an extra 15,000 workers will not help the economy.

He was responding to comments the Island faces economic chaos unless it increases its population.

Mr Gawne believes improved productivity is the key.

He says thousands of additional workers would make the situation worse.

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