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Family Library in more trouble

Ta'n Lioarlann Lught-Thie boirit reesht

Ta undinys Ellanagh gra dy vel eh 'jannoo caggey son e hraa ry-heet' reeshtagh, kyndagh rish genney argid.

Y Lioarlann Lught-Thie. ta soit ayns Doolish, t'eh gra dy vel eh laccal mysh kiare feed as queig thousane punt ny shlee gagh blein.

T'eh shirrey er barrantee cho-chorpagh ad dy chooney dy lhieeney yn vaarney argidoil.

Roïe, she yn reiltys va pohlldal y Lioarlann dy bollagh. Agh, queig bleeaney er dy henney, va'n LIoarlann eignit croghey ersyn hene er y chooid smoo.

Ta'n skimmee gra nish dy vel ad goaill aggle dy voddagh ny shirveishyn ve 'caillit son dy bragh' my vees ad giarrit ny sodjey.

Ta'n lioarlannee Sandra Henderson cur scansh da'n çhyrrys.

Family Library in more trouble

An Island institution says it's once again 'fighting for its future' due to funding shortages.

The Family Library, based in Douglas, says it's falling short by around £85,000 per year, and has issued a plea for corporate sponsors to step in to help make ends meet.

Formerly a government funded facility, the Library was forced to become mainly self-sufficient five years ago.

Staff say they now fear if services are further cut, they could be 'lost forever'.

Librarian Sandra Henderson is underlining the message.

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