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Festival to highlight importance of food miles

Feailley dy cheau ard soilshey er scansh meeilaghyn bee

Giens bleinoil ny troaryn ynnydoil taghyrt y kione shiaghtin shoh

Bee scansh meeilaghyn bee as reirey orch mastey ny cooishyn dy ve currit er y hoshiaght mleeaney ayns Feailley Bee as Jough Ellan Vannin.

Ta'n taghyrt goll er cummal 'sy Villa Marina y kione shiaghtin shoh, taishbyney y reayn dy hroaryn ta ry gheddyn 'syn Ellan.

Ta'n jannoo goaill stiagh blasstal lhune as cohirrey son ee braghtan pronnag.

As ish loayrt ayns claare Radio Vannin Cheu Cheerey, hass Lucy Verdon jeh'n Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys er dy row cheu hrome-chooishagh da'n feailley neesht.

AS LUCY VERDON : T'ee cur y caa shen neesht son sleih dy ynsaghey mychione bun-voayl as lorgey er-ash, cre'n aght dy yannoo ny sloo ny meeilaghyn bee eu, t'ou toiggal. Ta focus ain er reirey orch mleeaney neesht, as co-obbraghey rish sleih gollrish Caarjyn y Traie as Ynnyd Jeelym Theayagh y Hiar, dy sorch dy chochiangley rish as dy ynsaghey y theay saa neesht er yn aght dy ghoaill kiarail ny share jeh y Viosphere ain, ayns rieughid.    

Annual celebration of local produce takes place this weekend

The importance of food miles and waste management will be among the topics to feature at this year's Isle of Man Food and Drink Festival.

The event takes place at the Villa Marina this weekend, showcasing the range of produce available on the Island.

Activities on offer include beer tasting and a hot dog eating competition.

Speaking on Manx Radio's Countryside programme, Lucy Verdon from the Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture insisted there was a serious side to the festival too:

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