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Fewer women are going for their first smear test

Ta ny sloo mraane goll son y chied phrowalys slaa oc

Creearey goll er arral er mraane veih 25 bleeaney dy eash

Ta ny sloo mraane ayns Ellan Vannin cheet roish son yn chied phrowalys slaa oc er dy rieau, rere fer oayllee slaynt.

She fer choyrlee er ruggyr-oaylleeagh as er lheiys mraane ayns Thie Lheiys Noble ta Michele Moroney.

Ta cuirrey er mraane veih 25 bleeaney dy eash dy gholl stiagh ayn son creearey cervix, dy scrutaghey son reddyn ass cadjinys, oddys jannoo seose oyryn son shiartanse dy cheintyn dy changhyr.

Agh ta Bnr Moroney gra dy vel ny sloo mraane jannoo shen.

AS MICHELE MORONEY : Haink eh magh fy yerrey, lesh, myr va baghtal, soilsheydys tra va fir ard ghooagh ain as va faaishnys-enn currit er dy row kanghyr y cervix oc. Honnick shin y nhee dy row eh ayns ny meanyn, honnick shin bishaghey mooar ayns goaill vondeish jeh creearey cervix. Nish, son shickyrys, shenn naight ta shen nish, as reesht, ny ta shin fakin, shen dy vel ny sloo mraane cheet roish son creearey 'sy chlaare chreearey.


Screening offered to women from age of 25

Fewer women on the Isle of Man are coming forward for their first ever smear test, according to a health expert.

Michele Moroney is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Noble's Hospital.

Women from the age of 25 are invited to go in for cervical screening, to check for abnormalities, which could cause certain types of cancer.

Mrs Moroney though says fewer women are taking the step:

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