Flags at half-mast for terror attack victims

Bratteeyn ec lieh-chroan son dreihyn jeh tranlaase-agglee

Ta'n reiltys soilshaghey pohlldal son sleih va'n tranlaase-agglee ayns Lunnin jannoo orroo.

Va shiaght dy 'leih er nyn marroo, as va hoght as daeed er nyn lhottey, tra raip van trooid coshee er Droghad Lunnin.

Eisht hie tree deiney er y fergaght lesh skynnaghyn, ayns ard y Vargee Borough.

Ren meoiryn-shee ny tree deiney y hottal, hoght minnid lurg y chied yllagh 999.

Ta bratteeyn Manninagh getlagh ec lieh-chroan çheu-mooie gagh troggal-reiltys, chammah as paart dy hroggalyn theayagh elley myr cowrey arrym son ny dreihyn.

Flags at half-mast for terror attack victims

Government is showing support for those affected by the London terror attacks.

Seven people were killed and 48 injured when a van ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge.

Three men then went on a stabbing rampage in the Borough Market area.
Police shot the attackers dead eight minutes after the first 999 call.

Manx flags are flying at half-mast outside all government premises and a number of other public buildings as a mark of respect to victims.

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