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Flybe bought by consortium

Flybe kionnit ec consortium

Virgin as Stobart kianglt rish kionnaghey er £2.2 millioon

Ta Flybe goll er kionnaghey er £2.2m liorish consortium goaill stiagh Virgin Atlantic as Stobart Group.

Ta'n jannoo cur kione er meeaghyn dy heiltynys er traa ry heet y lhuingys aer ta getlagh coorse lane-scanshoil ny ghaa veih Ellan Vannin, goaill stiagh Mancuin as Leyrphoyl.

Jerrey Fouyir shoh chaie, ren y lhuingys aer ta soit ayns Exeter cur eh hene ry chreck lurg raaue trome er vondeishyn as coayl jerkit jeh £12 millioon 'sy vlein argidoil shoh.

Ta kuse dy lhuingyssyn aer, goaill stiagh Stobart as Virgin, er ve imraait ayns ny shiaghteeyn jeianagh myr ve loayrt rish Flybe.

Ta'n consortium vees kionnaghey y lhuingys aer goaill stiagh neesht y colught bun-argid ventyr Cyrus, as ta sleih gra dy jean eh cur stiagh £100 millioon 'sy dell.

Ta'n BBC cur coontey dy bee enn er y phossan myr "Connect Airways" as hoshiaght dy jean eh cur £20 millioon er eeasaght gys Flybe dy chummal seose ny obbraghyn ta foast tannaghtyn ayn ec y lhuingys aer.

Lurg shoh bee argid baiht er £80 millioon elley ayns ny meeaghyn shoh cheet.


Virgin and Stobart involved in £2.2 million purchase

Flybe is being bought for £2.2m by a consortium including Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Group.

The move ends months of speculation over the future of the airline which flies several key routes from the Isle of Man, including Manchester and Liverpool.

Last October, the Exeter-based airline's put itself up for sale after a severe profits warning and a projected loss of £12 million this financial year.

Several airlines including Stobart and Virgin have been mentioned in recent weeks as being in discussion with Flybe.

The consortium which is buying the airline also includes the venture capital firm Cyrus, which it's claimed will inject £100 million into the business.

The BBC reports that the group will be known as "Connect Airways" and will initially lend £20 million to Flybe to support the on-going operations of the airline.

This will be followed by a further £80 investment in future months.

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