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Fossil fuel boiler installations in new builds 'frustrating', says minister

Coirraghyn conney fossil ve currit stiagh ayns troggalyn noa 'tarmestagh', ta shirveishagh dy ghra

Barber jeean dy chur-lesh ny smoghey date son cur kione er cur stiagh coirraghyn 'eiraght'

Ta'n shirveishagh as currym urree son gurneil troggal ayns Ellan Vannin goaill-rish dy nee tarmestagh eh fakin coirraghyn conney fossil goll er cur stiagh ayns troggalyn noa-hroggit.

Ta Clare Barber gra dy vel yn rheynn eck jeeaghyn er aghtyn dy chur-lesh ny smoghey yn lhiettrymys er lheid ny culleeyn chiass ve currit stiagh ayns thieyn noa.

Ec y traa t'ayn t'eh skedjalit dy bee bree currit da'n lhiettrymys 2025 myr ayrn jeh deanyn y reiltys dy roshtyn neunhee glen dy vrooightaghyn carbon liorish 2050.  

Ta Bnr Barber credjal dy vel coirraghyn conney fossil hannah ro ass date dy gholl stiagh ayns troggalyn noa.

AS CLARE BARBER : T'eh jeeaghyn dy ve tarmestagh dy vel shin fakin chammah's troggalyn y reiltys – as, myr va, hug mee feyshtyn 'sy thie roish nish mychione shen -  agh ayns thieyn preevaadjagh neesht vees goll er lhiasaghey, gyn y vun-troggalys ec y traa t'ayn myr ard-veer. Myr shoh ta shin cur stiagh ayn coirraghyn 'eiraght' vees, ayns rieughid, yn red neu-chiart dy ve currit stiagh ayns troggalyn noa-hroggit. As er-lhiam dy vel shen yn chied varriaght vaghtal vieau er-my-hon hene, as my vees caa dooin cur er oaie shen ny s'tappee er-lhiam dy beagh feer vondeishagh eh.


Barber keen to move forward date for ending 'legacy' boiler fittings

The minister responsible for building control on the Isle of Man admits it's frustrating to see fossil fuel boilers being installed in new-build properties.

Clare Barber says her department is looking at ways to bring forward the ban on such heating appliances being fitted in new homes.

The ban is currently due to come into force in 2025 as part of the government's aims to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Mrs Barber believes fossil fuel boilers are already too dated to go into new buildings:

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