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Four in a week for Cav; Kennaugh shows quality

Kiare ayns shiaghtin son Cav; Kennaugh soilshagh quallid

Chossyn Mark Cavendish y varriaght sy cheim s'jerree jeh Turrys Chalifornia Jedoonee.


Va shen y chiarroo cheim chossyn eh sy çhiaghtin. Hooar y Virril Vanninagh y varriaght sy sprint voish Los Angeles gys Pasadena, as y cosneyder ooilley cooidjagh Peter Sagan çheet gys kione sy trass ynnyd. 


Va Sagan tree grig roish cumraag-skimmee y Vanninagh Julian Alaphilippe, hug seose ny caaghyn echey hene dy chooney lesh Cavendish e chiarroo cheim y chosney. 


Chammah as shen, chum Cavendish e varriaght ayns co-hirrey phointyn ny sprinteyryn chossyn eh nurree - er jerrey haink eh gys y chione tree point jeig roish Sagan.


Ny lurg shoh, hed Cavendish gys y Turrys Suisse, roish ratçhal ayns ny Feniaghtyssyn Ashoonagh Goaldagh ayns Lincoln.


Dooyrt eh, 'Ta mee feer voyrnagh ass ny ta jeant ain ayns shoh, as er lhiam dy vel reddyn goll er-oi dy mie roish Turrys y Rank'.



Four in a week for Cav; Kennaugh shows quality


Mark Cavendish claimed the final stage of the Tour of California on Sunday.


His fourth stage success of the week, the Manx Missile won the sprint from Los Angeles to Pasadena with overall winner Peter Sagan coming home in third place. 


Sagan was three seconds ahead of the Manxman's team-mate Julian Alaphilippe who forewent his own chances to help Cavendish win a fourth stage. 


Cavendish also retained the sprinters' points competition he won last year - in the end he finished 13 points ahead of Sagan.


Peter Kennaugh finished in a fine ninth place overall - he was 52nd on the final stage.


Cavendish next heads to the Tour of Suisse before racing at the British National Championships in Lincoln.


He said 'I'm super proud of what we've done here and think things are going in the right direction ahead of the Tour de France.'

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