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Give us real regulator

Cur dooin reilleyder fondagh

Kate Beecroft, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Doolish Yiass, t'ee gra dy vel yn Ellan feme reilleyderyn stroshey lesh pooaraghyn fondagh.

Jedoonee, er claare Radio Vannin Present Politics, dooyrt ee, bentyn da cooishyn gollrish slaynt as preeshyn vree, cha nel aght erbee ayn dy chur lesh sharaghey, ga dy vel kirp-reill ayn.

Myr sambyl, hug ee bing-Hinvaal son coontyssyn theayagh, oddys scrutaghey oyryn boirey.

Eer y ving shen, ta Bnr Beecroft gra, t'ee gyn feeacklyn.

Give us real regulator

South Douglas MHK Kate Beecroft says the Island needs stronger regulators with real powers.

On Sunday on Manx Radio's Present Politics programme, she said in areas like health and energy prices there's no way to force improvement despite already having regulatory bodies.

She likened the situation to Tynwald's Public Accounts Committee, which can hold investigations into matters of concern.

Mrs Beecroft said even the PAC was essentially toothless.

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