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Global audience of TT of 30 million

Lught-jeeaghyn jeh jeih as feed millioon son y TT feiy ny cruinney

Yeeagh jeih as feed millioon dy leih feiy ny cruinney er y TT nurree.

Earrooyn currit magh jea (yn hoghtoo laa as feed Toshiaght Arree) liorish y Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh, t'ad soilshaghey dy daase yn earroo dy leih feiy ny cruinney ta jeeaghyn er y TT er çhellveeishan.

Daase eh liorish 2.4% - shiaght cheead thousane ny shlee na'n earroo ayns feed cheead as queig-jeig.

Va ronsaght shirrit veih Kantar Media, sheshaght neuchrogheydagh ta feddyn magh quoid dy leih ta jeeaghyn er creelaghyn.

Nee yn ronsaghey bishaghey creck soilsheeney.

Va creelaghyn TT currit magh ayns kiare feed as tree çheeraghyn, as y margey Oarpagh corrym rish nane-jeig as daeed sy cheead jeh'n lught-jeeaghyn ooilley cooidjagh.

Daase ny meanyn bun-earrooagh myrgeddin, as ny shlee na hoght millioon shilley jeant er ammyr YouTube TT Vannin oikoil, raad va çhymsal Superbike er-boayrd jeant ec Michael Dunlop fakinit 1.6 millioon dy cheayrtyn. Vrish Dunlop yn recortys.

Y duillag TT oikoil er Facebook, chossyn ee daa cheead thousane eiyrtysagh tooilley ayns feed cheead as shey-jeig, tree as feed sy cheead ny shlee na ayns y vlein roish shen.

Coontey roie Radio Vannin, ta ry-chlashtyn er-linney feiy ny cruinney, hayrn eh ny shlee na tree cheead, jeih as daeed thousane kiangley er-lheh ayns kegeesh y TT.

Laurence Skelly, Shirveishagh y Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh, t'eh gra dy vel goo yn TT gaase dy tappee.

Global audience of TT of 30 million

A worldwide audience of 30 million people tuned in to coverage of the TT last year.

The figure released yesterday (28 Feb) by the Department of Economic Development, shows growth in the global television audience of 2.4%, an additional 700,000 viewers compared with 2015.

Research was commissioned from independent broadcast viewer analyst Kantar Media, and will help drive-up advertising sales.

TV broadcasts of TT 2016 were screened in 83 countries, with the European market accounting for 51% of the total audience.

Digital media also grew, with more than 8 million views notched up on the official Isle of Man TT YouTube channel, where an onboard footage of Michael Dunlop's record-breaking Superbike lap was viewed 1.6 million times alone.

The TT's official Facebook page gained an additional 200,000 followers in 2016, 23% up on the previous year.

Manx Radio's TT commentary available online worldwide, attracted more than 350,000 unique connections during TT fortnight.

DED minister Laurence Skelly says the TT's profile is growing rapidly.

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