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Government announces extra £3.4m for local businesses

Reiltys fograghey magh £3.4m elley son thieyn dellal ynnydoil

Erskyn yn £9m gioaldit hannah dy phohlldal thieyn dellal cur rish custymeyryn eddin ry eddin

Ta'n Possan son Couyral Tarmaynagh er vograghey magh £3.4 millioon elley dy argid coonee son thieyn dellal ynnydoil myr freggyrt da preayssyn vees tannaghtyn ayn bentyn da Covid-19.

Shoh erskyn y chooney argidoil vees ny shlee na £9 millioon v'er ny ograghey magh Mee ny Nollick.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Gastid Dellal yn Fer Lhee Alex Allinson gra, "Ta 150 thieyn dellal er chur stiagh yeearree hannah dy chosney argid trooid yn

Skeim Boirey Geuree neayr's doshil eh son yeearreeyn, lesh bunnys £500k er ny cheau hannah ayns pohlldal argidoil.

"Ta shin toiggal dy vel Covid-19 er chur doilleeidyn mooarey er thieyn dellal ayns yn traa geuree, lesh ymmodee as reddyn scryssit magh liorish custymeyryn jannoo orroo, as boirey lesh obbreeyn er coontey tannaghtyn ad hene scarrit, as yn eiyrtys jeh dy row dellal sloo 'syn imbagh feailley ta dy cadjin tarroogh." 

T'eh goll er briaght jeusyn as by vie lhieu cur stiagh yeearree dy chur fys er yn Rheynn Gastid Dellal liorish post-l ec enterprisessupport@gov.im ny liorish chellvane er 687333 son tooilley myn-phoyntyn. 


In addition to the £9m already pledged to support customer facing businesses

The Economic Recovery Group has announced a further £3.4 million of support for local businesses in response to continuing pressures around Covid-19.

This is in addition to financial support of over £9million announced earlier in December.

Enterprise Minister Dr Alex Allison says, "150 businesses have already applied to access funding through the Winter Disruption Scheme since it opened for applications, with almost £500k already being paid out in financial support.

"We recognise that Covid-19 has caused significant difficulties for businesses over the winter period, with many experiencing customer cancellations, and staff disruptions due to self-isolation, resulting in reduced trading over the typically busy festive season."

Those wishing to apply are asked to contact the Department for Enterprise by email at enterprisesupport@gov.im or by telephone on 687333 for further details.

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