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Government defends taxi contract switch

Reiltys fendeil caghlaa coonrey-taksee

Y briwnys dy phointeil colught noa dy stiurey shirveishyn-taksee son surransee Vanninagh ayns Lerpoyll, v'eh jeant lurg çhebbal cliaghtagh, ta fir-hoshee slaynt gra.

Ta'n colught Verseyside Bridgewater er nymmyrkey surransee Vanninagh ayns ny feed blein t'er gholl shaghey, agh caillee eh yn coonrey echey lesh reiltys Vannin veih'n chied laa Mee Averil.

Ghreinnee yn caghlaa gaccan theayagh ass surransee harrish yn jerrey-shiaghtin, chammah as ny lughtyn-thie oc as fir-chiarail, as ad boirit  dy chaill Bridgewater yn coonrey. Aghin ta gra dy lhisagh y colught geddyn y coonrey reesht, ta beggan ny shlee na thousane as queig cheead dy leih er chur nyn enmyn huic.

Ta'n Rheynn Slaynt gra dy vel polasee-reiltys cur orroo scrutaghey coonraghyn son traaghyn soit, liorish çhebbal co-hirreydagh.

Gys yn çheyoo laa jeig Mee Vayrnt, foddee çhebbeyderyn neuspeeideilagh shirrey ash-fysseree mychione ny çhebbyn oc, as jannoo aghin noi'n vriwnys.

Ta'n Rheynn gra dy dug ad geill corrym da quallid as prios, as t'ad cur shickyrys da surransee dy re dean y Rheynn pointeil shirveish ymmyrkee profeshoonagh ta gobbraghey 'lesh kiarail'.

Government defends taxi contract switch

Health chiefs say the decision to appoint a new provider of taxi services for Manx patients in Liverpool came after a standard tendering exercise.

Merseyside firm Bridgewater has provided hospital transfers for the past 20 years - but has lost its contract with the Manx governent from 1 April.

The move triggered a public outcry over the weekend among patients, their familes and carers, upset at the dropping of Bridgeway - and an online petition urging the firm to be re-instated has attracted just over 1500 signatures.

The health department says government policy dictates that set-term contracts are always reviewed through competitive tendering exercises.
The unsuccessful bidders have until 16 March to seek feedback on their tenders, and to appeal the decision.

The department says it weighed quality and price factors equally, and is assuring patients appointing a professional transfer service which manages patients 'caringly' is its aim.

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