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Government support 'too little too late' for hospitality sector

Cooney y reiltys 'ro veg ro anmagh' son y cherroo oltaghey

Thieyn dellal cur eam son skeim pohlldal argid faill son thieyn oast as thieyn bee

Ta thieyn oast as thieyn bee feme skeim pohlldal argid fail, cha nee aa-yeeillaghyn keeshyn-thie.

Shen rere olteynyn kerroo oltaghey yn Ellan, ta cremmey reaghys y reiltys dy heeyney magh y Skeim Pohlldal Troggalyn Dellal, shaghey chebbal eeckyssyn elley.

Ta shellooderyn thieyn dellal cheet er y chooney argidoil myr 'ro veg ro anmagh' lurg ny sodjey na blein neayr's toshiaght y phandemagh coronavirus.

Ta Caairlagh Sheshaght Lught ny Thieyn Oast, Geoff Joughin, gra dy vel adsyn 'sy jeadys gennaghtyn y preays.

AS GEOFF JOUGHIN :  Ta mee loayrt rish sleih 'sy jeadys ain, ta feer, eer injil 'syn aigney oc, er yn oyr dy vel yn errey argidoil foddey ro ard. As cha nel eh red ennagh jeant ocsyn. Ta fys aym nagh row eh jeant ec yn reiltys, as ta shin er ve ayns pandemagh nagh ren yn seihll fakin roie, agh ec yn traa cheddin shegin dooin sur-smooinaghtyn er, t'ou toiggal, my vees eh jannoo seose oyr son tooilley er eeasaght ec y reiltys, ta ny feallagh shoh – ta shin loayrt jeeill inchynagh ayns shoh – as ta feme er goaill ayns laue eh.  


Businesses call for salary support scheme for pubs and restaurants

Pubs and restaurants need a salary support scheme, not a rates refund.

That's according to members of the Island's hospitality industry, who have hit out at government's decision to extend the Business Premises Support Scheme instead of offering additional payments.

Business owners branded the funding 'too little too late' after more than a year since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Chairman of the Licensed Victualler Association, Geoff Joughin, says those in the industry are feeling the strain:

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