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Government to buy Steam Packet

Reiltys dy chionnaghey Paggad Bree

Dellal £124m croghey er coardail Tinvaal

Ta sleih er veeraghey dy vel yn reiltys er jeet er coardailys dy chionnaghey Colught Paggad Gaal Ellan Vannin.

Ta'n Ard Shirveishagh Howard Quayle er chur coontey jeh'n dellal cummyssagh er £124m myr 'caa ta ry gheddyn un cheayrt ayns sheeloghe'.
Cha bee currym yn reiltys er roie ny shirveishyn veih laa dy laa.

Va eam er olteynyn gys chaglym egin Jemayrt (8 Mee Voaldyn) ayn va fys currit daue mychione y ghellal, as bee coardailys erbee croghey er coardail Tinvaal.

Ta treealtys, currit roish son soie Tinvaal Mee Voaldyn, shirrey pohlldal y reiltys dy ve currit da goaill harrish 100 per cent y cholught MIOM Chiarmaanit - ta ny cholught s'leshyn ta Colught Paggad Bree Ellan Vannin.
My vees eh cheet lesh y treealtys, veagh currym er ard wirran Mnr Quayle dy chur er bun coardailys strateishagh noa er shirveishyn marrey cheusthie jeh 12 vee.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Tashtee Alfred Cannan er hoilshaghey magh yn oyr son y chooish.

AS MNR CANNAN: Yn oyr smoo son goaill ayns laue shoh, shen dy vel gurneil strateishagh dy fondagh ec yn reiltys as ec pobble yn Ellan er Colught Paggad Gaal Ellan Vannin, nagh vel eh ny sodjey ayns laueyn ny banceyderyn baih-argidagh ny tashtaghyn cleiee yn ard valley.

Government to buy Steam Packet

£124m deal subject to Tynwald approval
It's been confirmed the government has reached an agreement to buy the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.Chief Minister Howard Quayle has described the potential £124m deal as a 'once-in-a-generation opportunity'.The government will not take charge of the day to day running of the services.Members were called to an emergency meeting on Tuesday (8 May) where they were briefed on the deal, and any agreement is subject to Tynwald approval.A motion, tabled for the May sitting of Tynwald, is seeking the support for the government to commit to a 100 per cent takeover of MIOM Ltd - the parent company of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.If successful with the motion, Mr Quayle's top team would then be tasked with putting in place a new strategic sea services agreement over a 12-month period.Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan has explained the motive behind the move:

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