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'Gov't should compensate prom businesses, not council'

'Lhisagh y reiltys cooilleeney thieyn dellal er y chooylaghan, cha nee'n coonceil'

David Christian gra dy nee skeim ashoonagh eh, cha nee ynnydoil

Lhisagh y reiltys meanagh cooilleeney ny thieyn dellal surranse er-coontey skeim aa-vioghey y hooylaghan, cha nee Coonceil Doolish.

Shen barel leeideilagh y lught-reill ynnydoil David Christian, ta gra, fakin dy vel eh ny halee ashoonagh, nagh vel eh son y choonceil dy hebbal argid brishee er keesh-thie er-nyn-son as ta ny obbraghyn jannoo orroo.

Cheayll bing Tinvaal y chiaghtin shoh chaie dy row thieyn dellal rish y chooylaghan er nakin donnys ayns dellal neayr's ghow y skeim toshiaght, as dennee ee dy row dolley dy eddyr-insh ec y reiltys meanagh.

Rere Mnr Christian, ta'n Tashtey stiurey parteeassyn boirit gys y Ving Cheesh-Thie dy hirrey aa-yeeillaghyn keesh-thie veih'n choonceil.

T'eh shassoo er nagh vel lowanse ayns ny claareyn argidoil dy hebbal y cooilleeney shoh, as t'eh gra dy beagh feme er cur fer erbee jeh ny costyssyn shoh er eeckeyderyn keesh-thie Ghoolish.

AS DAVID CHRISTIAN : Ta sleih heese ayns shen feddyn magh dy vel eh doillee, as er-lhiam, she skeim y reiltys eh, cha nee skeim y choonceil eh, myr shoh t'eh er y reiltys cheet er oaie lesh cooney jeh sorch ennagh er-son y sleih shoh ta surranse. 

My vees shin fy yerrey eignit dy chur aa-yeeillaghyn keesh-thie er Shooylaghan Doolish – as cha nel peiagh erbee er hessal quoid vees shen, agh abbyr dy nee £100,000 eh, £200,000 – cha nel yn argid shen ayn. Myr shoh my vees shin coayl y cheet stiagh shen, s'treih lhiam gra dy beagh eiyrtys er keesh-thie 'sy vlein shoh cheet, er yn oyr dy beagh eh orrin ynrican cur y costys shen er dy chooilley eeckeyder keesh-thie Ghoolish.

Agh tra t'eh cheet gys cooilleeney as cur enn er yn eiyrtys er sleih, she skeim y reiltys eh, t'eh er yn reiltys cur enn er shen, as t'eh er yn reiltys cooilleeney ny thieyn dellal shoh.


David Christian says it's a national, not local scheme

Central government should compensate the businesses suffering due to the promenade regeneration scheme, not Douglas Council.

That's the view of the local authority's leader David Christian, who says as a national project, it's not up to the council to offer rates discounts for those affected by the works.

A Tynwald committee heard last week that businesses along the promenade had seen a downturn in trade since the scheme began, and felt communication from central government had been lacking.

According to Mr Christian, Treasury is directing aggrieved parties to the Rating Tribunal to claim rates rebates from the council. 

He insists there's no room in budgets to offer this compensation, and says any of these costs would have to be passed onto Douglas ratepayers.

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