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Gov't to investigate development of brownfield sites on Island

Reiltys dy ronsaghey lhiasaghey ynnydyn magher dhone 'syn Ellan

Oddagh boodeeys noa politickagh ve currit er bun dy ghoaill ayns laue y chooish

Ta'n Reiltys jeeaghyn er ny vondeishyn sheshoil as chymmyltaghtagh jeh lhiasaghey ardyn ny baljyn ass ymmyd.

Oddagh boodeeys noa politickagh ve currit er bun dy leah dy ronsaghey yn aght dy ghoaill ayns laue y chooish bentyn rish ynnydyn magher dhone 'syn Ellan.

T'eh goll er treeal dy voddagh Jantys Lhiasaghey Baljagh ve crooit ec yn Rheynn Gastid Dellal dy chur enn er ardyn vees laccal geill goll er cur daue.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Gastid Dellal Laurence Skelly gra dy vel mian theayagh as politickagh dy bee reaghys currit orroo.

AS LAURENCE SKELLY : Sorch dy enn eh, my vees shiu jeeaghyn mygeayrt yn Ellan – ta shin er ve jeeaghyn ayns shoh ayns Doolish, 'sy phreeu-valley, agh ayns buill elley 'syn Ellan - dy vel ynnydyn baljagh ain nagh vel lhiasaghey er ve jeant ayn. As ta mian baghtal ayn, politickagh as theayagh, dy akin adsyn goll er lhiasaghey son ny yinnagh shinyn smooinaghtyn er rere cooishyn  argidoil myr vondeish, agh er-lhiam myr vondeishyn sheshoil as chymmyltaghtagh neesht.


New political body could be created to tackle issue 

Government is looking at the social and environmental benefits of developing unused urban areas.

A new political body could soon be created to investigate how to tackle the issue of brownfield sites on the Island.

It's proposed that an Urban Development Agency could be formed by the Department for Enterprise to identify areas in need of attention.

Minister for Enterprise Lawrence Skelly says there's public and political desire to get them sorted out:

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