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Green Party concerned about 'possible erosion' of bus services

Partee Glass boirit mychione 'cremmey cummyssagh' jeh shirveishyn barroose

Partee Glass boirit mychione 'cremmey cummyssagh' jeh shirveishyn barroose

Possan politickagh shirrey arraghey theayagh nastee

Ta partee politickagh Vannin gra dy vel eh boirit mychione 'cremmey cummyssagh' jeh shirveishyn barroose.

Ta Partee Glass Ellan Vannin gra dy vel yn Ellan feme claareyn traa co-hassooagh foddee ve freggyrtagh da aggyrt.

Ta taillaghyn barroose goll er streeaney ec £2 veih 1 Mee Houney, rish traa prowallagh jeh three meeaghyn, myr ayrn jeh freggyrt yn reiltys gys yn chreoighys dowanagh 'sy chostys bea.

Agh ta leeideilagh y Phartee Glass Andrew Langan-Newton gra dy jean yn sheshaght echey freayll rish cur broo son arraghey theayagh dy ve nastee.

AS ANDREW LANGAN-NEWTON : My vees shin geddyn arraghey theayagh nastee son sleih mygeayrt Ellan Vannin as vees shen jee-charbonaghey yn arraghey shen, cha nee ynrican dy vel eiyrtys share corrym ain er-nyn-son as ta feme smoo oc, nagh vod, foddee, fordrail petrol nish myr t'eh, ny pairkal, ny eer dy chur gleashtan ny roie lesh urryssaght, etc, as cummal seose, ta croghey dy mooar er barrooseyn, as chammah's shen, shen meanal dy vel caa feer vie dy yee-charbonaghey  ad. Ta arraghey sleih ayns barrooseyn foddey ny share son yn chymmyltaght na un pheiagh ny lomarcan troailt ayns gleashtan gys Doolish dagh laa dy gholl gys nyn obbyr.  


Political group wants free public transport

A Manx political party says it's concerned about a 'possible erosion' of bus services.

The Isle of Man Green Party says the Island needs to have consistent timetables which can reflect demand.

Bus fares are being capped at £2 from 1 November, for a three-month trial period, as part of government's response to the global cost-of-living crisis.

But Green Party leader Andrew Langan-Newton says his organisation will continue to push for public transport to be free:

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