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Heathrow route 'a good result' for Isle of Man

Coorse Heathrow 'ny eiyrtys mie' son Ellan Vannin

Oltey politickagh son puirt gra dy vel feme er coorse jannoo seose resoon traghtee

Ta'n oltey politickagh as currym ersyn son puirt ayns Ellan Vannin gra dy vel etlaghyn jeeragh cheet er ash eddyr Runnysvie as Heathrow jannoo seose "eiyrtys feer vie" son troailtee Vannin.

Ren Flybe fograghey magh fastyr Jerdein (28 Mee Vayrt) dy jean shirveish laaoil obbraghey eddyr Purt Aer Ellan Vannin as Heathrow veih 21 Mee Averil.

Va shirveish eddyr y daa phurt aer ayn y cheayrt s'jerree Mee Vayrt 2002.

Ta Tim Baker OCF (Oltey yn Chiare as Feed) soilshaghey magh yn oyr ta wheesh traa er ny cheau dy gheddyn obbreyder noa son y choorse:

AS TIM BAKER : T'eh feme peiagh ennagh dy akin caa traghtee dy chiangley Ellan Vannin lesh boayl ennagh gollrish Heathrow. As s'cronnal eh dy vel slottyn ayns boayl gollrish Heathrow as puirt aer vooar elley feer vooar-leagh, myr shoh ta feme oc ve abyl dy akin dy vel reaghey shirveish gys Ellan Vannin cur vondeishyn traghtee er-nyn-son myr obbreyderyn. As ta'n vargey cheet as goll, agh er-lhiam dy nee eiyrtys braew mie dy feer eh son yn Ellan, as er-lhiam dy bee ymmodee sleih as yindys currit orroo.  


Political member for ports says route must make commercial sense

The political member with responsibility for ports on the Isle of Man says the return of direct flights between Ronaldsway and Heathrow is a "really good result" for Manx passengers.

Flybe announced on Thursday afternoon (28 March) that a daily service will operate between the Isle of Man Airport and Heathrow from 21 April.

A service between the two airports last operated in March 2002.

Tim Baker MHK explains why it's taken so long to find a new operator for the route:

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