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Hero squash player a life-saver

Feniagh dy chloieder squash ny er bioys

Cloieder Ellanagh cooney dy chur lesh dooinney "back veih ny merriu "

Ren cloieder squash Ellan Vannin cooney dy chur lesh dooinney back gys bioys ayns Purt Aer Gatwick ec yn jerrey shiaghtin.

Va Dave Hedley - ta ard er lhee coyrlee Drogh-haghyrt as Gear-cheim y Thie Lheiys Noble - cheet back veih cohirrey ayns ny Roortaghtyn ETC3 ayns yn Latvia.

Tra haink teaym chree er troailtagh elley, va'n Fer Lhee Dave ayns shen dy chur yn oalaght lhee echey as dy chooney lesh fwirran y phurt aer goaill ayns laue yn taghyrt.

Ta sleih gra dy row yn dreih dy feer marroo, agh v'eh currit lesh back via ymmyd jeh defibrillator.

Ta Radio Vannin toiggal dy vel y dooinney couyral nish ayns thie lheiys.

Hero squash player a life-saver

Island player helps bring man "back from the dead"

An Isle of Man squash player helped bring a man back to life at Gatwick Airport over the weekend.

Dave Hedley - who is head consultant of A&E at Noble's Hospital - was returning from competing at the ETC3 Championships in Latvia.

When a fellow passenger suffered a heart attack, Dr Dave was on hand to provide his medical expertise and assist airport staff in dealing with the incident.It's claimed the victim was technically dead, however, was brought back via the use of a defibrillator.

Manx Radio understands the man is now recovering in hospital.

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