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Hoarding disorder behind neglect of some council houses

She brockyn jeant liorish tashtey stoo seose yn oyr dy vel meerioose jeant er thieyn choonseil ennagh

Y drogh stayd jeh thieyn ennagh ayns Doolish, t'eh er ny resooney ayns çhaglymyn jeh'n choonseil er y gherrid - as coonseilee shirrey smaght smoo creoi.

Agh ta fysseree veih Rheynn Kiarail y Theay er chur faaue dy noddagh tashtey stoo seose myr sorçh dy hingys ve yn bun jeh sleih ennagh jannoo meerioose jeh ny thieyn oc.

Ritchie McNicholl, caairliagh y ving son shirveishyn çhymmyltaghtoil, t'eh gra dy bee yn ving smoo co-ennaghtagh rish lheid y sleih shen.

Hoarding disorder behind neglect of some council houses

The state of some properties in Douglas has been brought up in recent council meetings - with members wanting to take tougher actions.

But a presentation from the Department of Social Care has suggested hoarding disorder may be the reason some neglect their homes.

Chair of the Environmental Services Committee Ritchie McNicholl says it will be more sympathetic to those affected.

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