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Home births: 'Women on the Island have no choice'

Ruggyryn thie: 'Cha nel reih ec mraane 'syn Ellan'

Bnr S loayrt mychione cooishyn currit roee va jannoo seose oyr son tuarastyl deyragh 

Ta ben as yn cheeayl chionnit eck jeh cur eab er ymmyrkey 'sy thie shaghey ayns thie lheiys, va jannoo seose oyr son tuarastyl deyragh er shirveishyn moiraghys yn Ellan, gra dy vel mraane 'syn Ellan 'gyn reih'. 

Ren yn tuarastyl, liorish Barrantagh Tinvaal son Reirey, recortey briwnys dy row drogh-reirey mychione reaghys y rheynn slaynt noi chebbal ruggyryn thie.

Ren Bnr S, myr ta enn urree 'sy tuarastyl, scughey gys yn Ellan 2020 as yn jerkalys eck dy beagh kied eck ymmyrkey 'sy thie – rere fys er ynnyd eggey yn reiltys.

As ish loayrt gyn ennym rish Radio Vannin t'ee gra nagh row shen myr v'eh:

AS BNR S : Ren mee reaghey dy scughey gys shoh. Ren shin ronsaghey ny foddee veagh possible ayns shoh, as hooar mee fys er cre ny aghtyn oddys ymmyrkey 'sy thie ve possible, va grait. Myr shoh v'eh jeeaghyn nagh nhegin dou lhie er goll stiagh 'sy thie lheiys dy femoil. 


Mrs S discusses issues faced which led to damning report

A woman whose experience of trying to give birth at home rather than in hospital, which led to a damning report of the Island's maternity services, says women on the Island have 'no choice'.

The report, by the Tynwald Commissioner for Administration, recorded a finding of maladministration over the health department's decision not to offer home births. 

Mrs S, as she's known in the report, moved to the Island in 2020 under the impression she would be allowed to give birth at home - according to information on government's website.

Speaking anonymously to Manx Radio she says that wasn't the case:

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