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House of Keys welcomes new members

Kiare as Feed cur failt er olteynyn noa

Hoie yn Chiare as Feed beggan ny s'leaie na dy cliaghtagh moghrey jea - va ny h-olteynyn noa breearrey yn loo. 

Ghow Bill Malarkey as Ralph Peake nyn soiagyn son Doolish Yiass as Doolish Hwoaie lurg daue v'er chosney nyn marriaghtyn ayns ny fo-reihyssyn yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie.

Eisht, hug Olteynyn y Chiare as Feed laue da'n phabyr-obbyr, aynsyn va shiaght feyshtyn son freggyrtyn loayrit y laa jea, as kiare feyshtyn elley son freggyrtyn screeuit.

Ayns ny feyshtyn, va cooishyn gollrish mulleeyn leighoil, as jannoo shooylaghan Ghoolish ass y noa.

Peter Karran, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Skeerey Connaghyn, deysht eh shirveishee mychione ny h-ymmydyn veagh jeant jeh troggalyn Ghlenside, chammah as geddyn rey rish ny leodaghyn ayns ny coontyssyn jeh custymeyryn Ghas Vannin ta geeck liorish feeaghan jeeragh. 

Co-oltey Peter Karran son Skeerey Connaghyn, David Quirk, vrie eshyn mychione lughtyn-reill ynnydagh, as shooylaghan Ghoolish - cooish hug er yn Oltey son Stondane, Graham Cregeen, feysht y vriaght neesht. 

Moghrey jea myrgeddin, va resoonaght jeant mychione leighyn noa bentyn da cooinaghtaneyn-caggee, scrutaghyn-coontys as jaaghagyn.


House of Keys welcomes new members

The House of Keys sat slightly earlier than usual than normal yesterday morning - as its new members were sworn in. 

Bill Malarkey and Ralph Peake took their seats in South and North Douglas respectively after winning last week's by-elections. 

MHKs then dealt with the order paper, which yesterday morning contained seven questions for oral answer and another four for written reply. 

Questions covered topics such as legal highs and the redevelopment of Douglas Promenade.

Onchan MHK Peter Karran quizzed ministers about future uses of the Glenside complex as well as the scrapping of discounts for Manx Gas customers who pay by direct debit. 

His constituency colleague MHK David Quirk asked about local authorities and Douglas prom - a subject which had also prompted a question from Santan MHK Graham Cregeen. 

Yesterday morning also saw discussion of new laws governing war memorials, audits and cigarettes.

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