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Hungry pupils 'slipping through net'

Studeyryn accryssagh 'roie magh ass yn lhieen'

BancBee Ellan Vannin shirrey arryltee noa son kione-cherroo

Ta aggle dy voddagh cheeadyn dy phaitchyn Vannin tannaghtyn accryssagh, choud's ta lughtyn-thie strepey dy eeck costyssyn bea ta gyrjaghey.

Ta BancBee Ellan Vannin gra, chammah's yn earroo dy ymmyderyn echey ta bishaghey, ta bunscoillyn er chur enn er studeyryn nagh vel goll er beaghey dy kiart 'sy thie oc.

Ta'n cheshaght yiastyllagh, ren fosley kione-cherroo sheeynt magh ec Balleyfletcher Jelune 21ed Mee Voaldyn, jerkal rish aggyrt son ny toyrtyssyn echey mleeaney dy ve heose ayns ny thousaneyn.

Ta'n Stiureyder Neal Mellon gra dy vel fir hoshee ynsee co-obbraghey rish arryltee.

AS MNR MELLON: Ta mee co-obbraghey rish un scoill foddee cur enn er jeih paitchyn accryssagh dagh ooilley laa. Cha nel fys aym dy beagh shen freggyrtagh da ooilley ny bunscoillyn trooid yn Ellan, as eer nagh row eh agh ghaa ny three paitchyn ayns dagh scoill, t'eh foast rour paitchyn liorish foddey cheet stiagh dy accyrssagh. Ta feme er beaghey paitchyn eddyr roish my vees ad roshtyn scoill ny choud's t'ad ayns yn scoill. Mannagh vod y lught-thie fordrail dy veaghey ad 'sy thie, cha bee £1.50 oc dy chur daue son y chlub anjeeal, myr shoh t'ad roie magh ass yn lhieen.
Ta'n BancBee shirrey tooilley arryltee dy chooilleeney caghlaaghyn currym 'sy thie noa echey.
Son tooilley fys foddee oo cur eam er yn cheshaght yiastyllagh er 311 550.

Hungry pupils 'slipping through net'

Foodbank IOM seeking new volunteers for HQ

There are fears hundreds of Island children could be going hungry, as families struggle to meet the rising cost of living.

Foodbank Isle of Man says in addition to its growing number of users, primary schools have identified pupils who are not being properly fed at home.

The charity, which opened an expanded new headquarters at Ballafletcher on Monday 21st May, expects demand for its donations this year to run into the thousands.

Director Neal Mellon says education bosses are working alongside volunteers.

Foodbank is seeking more volunteers to carry out various duties in its new home.

For more information, you can contact the charity on 311550.

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