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'Hypocritical' EU tax index criticised by Chief Minister

Ayndagh keesh 'jeant lesh beeal-crauee' ec yn Unnaneys Oarpagh cremmit ec yn ard-shirveishagh

Ayndagh noa jeh credjaltys-keesh eddyrashoonagh, t'eh er ny chremmey ec yn ard-shirveishagh.

Ta Mannin er yn list, marish ny Steatyn Unnaneyssit, yn Çheen, as tree feed as hoght-jeig dy reiltyssyn elley - cha nel fer ebee jeu shid ny oltey jeh'n Unnaneys Oarpagh.

Ta'n list er ny chummey dy ghoaill yn ynnyd jeh 'list doo' dy h-ashoonyn nagh vel cur geill da prinsabylyn-keesh 'ethicoil'. Shimmey peiagh ren y list doo shoh y chremmey dy trome.

Agh ta Allan Bell gra dy vel eh boirit ec aghtey foalsey noa  yn Oarpey, as t'eh gra dy lajer dy vel y cairys ec dy chooilley ashoon ny reillyn echey hene y hoie.

'Hypocritical' EU tax index criticised by CM

A new index of international tax credibility has been criticised by the chief minister.

The Isle of Man features on the list, alongside the USA, China and 78 other jurisidictions - none of which are EU member states.

It's been designed to replace a widely-criticised 'blacklist' of nations which don't follow 'ethical' tax principles.

But Allan Bell says he's concerned over Europe's latest posturing, and maintains that every nation has the right to set its own rules.

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