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Inflation falls by 0.4 per cent

Bolgey argidoil tuittym liorish 0.4 per cent

Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee soilshaghey magh earrooyn son Mee Averil

Ren rate bolgey argidoil yn Ellan, towshit rere yn Ayndagh Priosyn Kionnee, tuittym gys 4 per cent Mee Averil - shen sheese veih 4.4 per cent, Mee Vayrt.

S'cowreydagh va Mee Averil neesht er-yn-oyr dy vel y saase dy ooley yn Ayndagh Priosyn Mynchreck er chaghlaa - nish t'eh jannoo ymmyd jeh formula Jevons ayns ynnyd jeh formula elley Carli, lurg fogrey Jerrey Gheuree.

Ta traaght tannaghtyn lesh seiy seose priosyn, lesh troailt aer bishaghey liorish ny shlee na 35 per cent ayns yn daa vee yeig shoh chaie.
Ronnaghyn elley ta goll seose, t'ad goaill stiagh ooill, priosyn son bun-shirveishyn y thie, mayl 'sy cherroo theayagh as preevaadjagh, postys as chellvaneyn.

T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel shellooderyn biggin er ve guint, lesh taillaghyn son foyllyn gyrjaghey liorish 20 per cent.

Ta kuse dy ronnaghyn, gollrish costyssyn slaynt, jeeaghyn dy ve gyn caghlaa ayns cosoyley, as ec y traa cheddin ta ymmodee priosyn jeu er duittym, goaill stiagh ymmodee sorchyn dy vee, as taillaghyn bleeaney yn eddyr-lhieen.

Inflation falls by 0.4 per cent

Cabinet Office reveals figures for April

The Island's inflation rate, measured by the Consumer Prices Index, fell to 4 per cent in April - that's down from 4.4 per cent in March.

April was also significant because the methodology used to calculate the Retail Prices Index has changed - it now uses the Jevons formula instead of the Carli alternative, after an announcement in January.

Transport continues to push prices up, with air travel increasing by over 35 per cent over the last twelve months.Other categories on the rise include oil, household utility prices, public and private sector rent, postage and telephones.

Pet owners also appear to have been stung, with kennel fees reportedly rising by 20 per cent.Some categories, such as health costs, seem relatively unchanged, whilst many have fallen in price, including many food stuffs, and subscription to the internet.

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