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Interim report into submarine incident

Tuarastyl eddyr daa lhing mychione immeeaght-fo-vooirane

Sheshaght sauçhys-marrey yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, t'ee gra dy der ee magh dy leah tuarastyl mychione immeeaght ayns ushtaghyn Manninagh.

Va baatey-eeastee as fo-vooirane Goaldagh sy chooish.

Banglane Ronsaghey Drogh-Haghyrtyn Marrey, t'eh gra dy row e ronsaght er ny cumreil, er yn oyr dy row kiare mee ceaut, as ad feeraghey dy nee fo-vooirane va sy chooish.

Yn Karen, traaleyr ass Nerin Hwoaie, v'ee geeastagh magh ass y Cholloo Mee Averil shoh chaie, tra va ny lhieenteenyn eck goit as v'ee er ny tayrn ergooyl trooid yn cheayn.

Haink eh lesh yn vainshtyr yn saagh echey y heyrey, as hie eh gys Ardglass son karraghey.

Nish, ta Banglane Ronsaghey Drogh-Haghyrtyn Marrey er chur magh tuarastyl eddyr daa lhing, ta gra dy vel y fo-vooirane soit ec ynnyd y Lhuingys Reeoil ayns Clyde - agh cha row tooilley fys er yn taagh currit magh.

Ta'n Banglane gra dy vel e ronsaghey cur geill er lheh da'n oyr va ny lieenteenyn goit ec y fo-vooirane, yn aghtey gear-cheim, as cre shegin jannoo dy haghney co-vuilley elley myr shen.

Ta tuarastyl dreaght bunnys jeant, agh ta'n Banglane gra dy jed eh er cur dauesyn va sy chooish son co-coyrle jeih laa as feed, roish my jed y docamad er cur magh.

Agh ta'n Banglane gra myrgeddin, my hig tooilley feanish rish, foddee dy jean shen caghlaa e vriwnyssyn.

Interim report into submarine incident

The UK's sea safety body says it'll publish a report soon into an incident in Manx waters involving a fishing boat and a British submarine.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch says its investigation was delayed because it took four months to confirm a submarine was involved.

The Karen, a Northern Irish trawler, was fishing off the Calf of Man last April when her nets were snagged and she was dragged backwards through the water.

The skipper managed to free his vessel and headed to Ardglass for repairs.
The MAIB has now released an interim report into the incident, which says the sub is based at the Royal Navy base in Clyde - but no further details about the vessel have been released.

It says its investigation has concentrated on why the sub caught the nets, the emergency response and what's needed to avoid another similar collision.

A draft report is now nearing completion, but the MAIB says it'll be released to those involved for a 30-day consultation before the  document is published.

But the organisation also says it's possible more evidence will come to light that may alter its eventual conclusions.

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