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International fees unfair, says student

She neuchairagh, taillaghyn eddyrashoonagh, ta studeyr gra

Cummaltee Ellanagh ta laccal jannoo studeyrys dy chosney keim elley, shegin daue geeck lane taillaghyn eddyrashoonagh, as ta shen neuchairagh, ta studeyr gra.

Rachel Jarvis, ta jannoo studeyrys ec Ollooscoill Lerpoyll ec y traa t'ayn, cha nel ee er ve abyl geiyrt er e h-ashlish, dy heet dy ve ny lhee-baagh, kyndagh rish ny taillaghyn - veagh ee er ve eginit geeck jeih as feed thousane punt sy vlein.

T'ee gra dy vel ee er jeet dy chur twoaie. dy vel yn doilleeid cheddin jannoo er sleih elley.

Myr freggyrt, ta'n Rheynn Ynsee as Paitçhyn er chur magh fockley ta cur yn fysseree cheddin as ta ry-gheddin ec studeyryn.

Chammah as shen, ta'n fockley gra dy vel eeasaght-studeyr jeh daa housand punt dy lieh geeck son y tailley-ynsee co-chadjin. Ta'n reiltys foast geeck y corrillagh jeh costyssyn choorseyn y chied cheim - seose gys shey thousane dy lieh punt, son y chooid smoo.

Chammah as shen. ta toyrtys-cummal-seose ayn, ta goll er scrutaghey bentyn da cooid.

Ta mullagh taillaghyn-ynsee currit ry-lhiattee son bleeantyn-ynsee, ayns medshin, feeackleyrys as sheanse lheihys-baagh, er yn oyr dy vel beoyn er ny coorseyn shoh dy ve foddey ny smoo costallagh, kyndagh rish taillaghyn.

Son ny h-ayrnyn clinicoil jeh ny coorseyn shoh, foddee studeyryn ass Mannin geddyn foays jeh toyrtyssyn argidoil, seose gys queig as feed thousane punt ec y traa t'ayn.

Cha vod studeyryn pohlldal y gheddyn my t'ad er cur toshiaght roîe da coorse ec y leval cheddin, er-nonney ec leval syrjey.

International fees unfair, says student

A student says it's unfair Island residents wishing to study for a second degree have to pay full international fees.

Rachel Jarvis, who is currently studying at the University of Liverpool, has been unable to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinary surgeon due to the fee structure, which would see her be charged £30,000 per year.

She says she's become more aware of more people who have been affected by this issue.

The Department of Education and Children has issued a statement in response, reiterating information available to students in its guidelines.

It says in addition to the universal tuition fee contribution covered by a student loan of £2,500, the government continues to meet the balance of the cost of first degree courses - up to a maximum of £6,500 a year in most cases.

There is also a means-tested maintenance grant.

The cap on tuition fees is put aside for clinical years in medicine , dentistry and veterinary science as fees for these courses tend to be much higher.

Isle of Man students can benefit from financial awards currently up to a maximum of £25,000 for the clinical elements of these courses.

A student is not eligible for support if they have previousy commenced a course at the same or a higher level.

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