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IoM moving towards living with coronavirus

EV gimmeeaght gys cummal cooidjagh rish coronavirus

Ard Shirveishagh gra dy bee virus paart jeh ny beaghyn ain rish bleeantyn

Ta Ellan Vannin gimmeeaght ny sniessey da caghlaa veih strateish geddyn rey rish coronavirus gys cummal cooidjagh rish y virus.

Shen rere yn Ard Shirveishagh choud's ta rolley magh y vaccine freayll goll.

Ta docamad strateish bollagh magh yn reiltys soilshaghey magh dy beagh ablid dy gheddyn rey rish kuse dy lhiettalysyn tra vees adsyn nyn olteynyn jeh possanyn as tosheeaght orroo son geddyn vaccine er n'gheddyn ny jilg oc.

Ta Howard Quayle gra dy bee mayd cur rish Covid-19 rish tammylt foast.

AS HOWARD QUAYLE : Va geddyn rey rish dy bollagh ny strateish va gobbraghey dy mie er-nyn-son tra nagh row claare cur vaccine. Agh nish ta shin ayns mean jeh claare cur vaccine feer vie, raad ta'n pobble ain cosney y cooney, coadey noi'n virus agglagh shoh. As er y fa shen, choud's ta shin cheet ny sniessey da ny shlee as ny shlee jeh ny possanyn ain dy leih t'ayns gaue geddyn yn chied jialg oc, fod mayd toshiaght y ghoaill er immeeaght magh veih geddyn rey rish y doghan 'syn Ellan shoh gys cummal cooidjagh rish.


Chief Minister says virus will be part of our lives for years

The Isle of Man is moving closer to switching from a coronavirus elimination strategy to living with the virus.

That's from the Chief Minister as the vaccination rollout continues.

Government's exit strategy document shows some restrictions will be able to be lifted once those who fall into priority vaccination groups have received their jabs.

Howard Quayle says we're going to be dealing with Covid-19 for some time:

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