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IOM snooping powers 'outdated'

She 'ass-daayt' pooaraghyn-speeikee Vannin

She ass-daayt slattys Manninagh ta stiurey 'speeikey' as lhisagh eh goll er scrutaghey. Shen barel Varrantagh eddyr-insh yn Ellan, t'er chur magh ayns e tuarastyl bleinoil ny ta feddynit eck.

Ta'n tuarastyl dy ve goit stiagh ec Tinvaal ny s'anmagh sy vee shoh, ga nagh bee eh er ny resooney. Ta Susie Alegre gra dy vel feme er y clattys Manninagh dy ve ec y leval cheddin, fo leigh chairyssyn y phobble, as y slattys pooaraghyn-ronsee ta treealit sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit.

Gollrish slattys y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, t'ee gra dy nhegin da'n clattys Manninagh ve aarloo dy ghellal rish y dooghys eddyrashoonagh ta kinjagh gaase jeh kimmeeys trome-chooisagh, chammah as baggyrtyn er shickyrys ashoonagh.

Agh ta Bnr Alegre moylley sharaghey jeh reddyn aghtoil sy taase-varrant, as ny kesmadyn y coarys y yeianaghey. Va shiaght as feed jeh ny barrantyn shoh er nyn gur magh sy vlein nuy cheead jeig as shey-jeig.

Agh ta'n Barrantagh cur my ner dy vel meoiryn-shee boirit dy mooar ec genney argid ry-hoi cur bree da barrantyn. Ny keayrtyn, cha nel ad er hirrey barrant ennagh er yn oyr dy row ad boirit nagh beagh yn argid ry-gheddyn y barrant y chooilleeney.


IoM snooping powers 'outdated'

Manx legislation governing 'snooping' is outdated and should be reviewed. That's the view of the Island's Communications Commissioner, who has published the findings in her annual report. The document is due to be received, though not debated, by Tynwald later this month.

Susie Alegre says Manx legislation needs to meet the same standards under human rights law as the proposed UK Investigatory Powers Act. She says it must be similarly ready to react to the increasingly international nature of serious crime and threats to national security. Mrs Alegre does, however, praise improvements in procedural aspects of the warrant process and the steps taken to modernise the system.

There were 27 of these warrants issued during 2016. But the Commissioner does note that police have serious concerns about resources when it comes to supporting the implementation of a warrant, and have not sought one in some instances because they're worried resources required to follow it through might not be available.

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